Beyond The Love is a 3 day polyamory convention in Columbus, Ohio, held on November 11-13th. We are in our fourth year and focus on education, workshops, social activities, meeting other polyamory people, and fun!

Beyond The Love 2016 enters our fourth year, bringing the largest three day polyamory event in the region! Join us in central Ohio for a celebration!

From classes and workshops to social spaces and fun. We are creating a place that is both welcoming to people new to polyamory as well as has great value to those who want more than 101 classes

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Falling in love is the easy part. But what happens after that? Beyond The Love’s mission is to provide an opportunity for the polyamorous community to come together in an educational and social forum.

At Beyond the Love you will find a wealth of classes, workshops and mini events to learn tools, techniques and communication skills to enhance our poly relationships. We provide a safe environment for meeting with other like-minded people in a supportive and inclusive community.

We welcome all those living a poly lifestyle or considering doing so. We are passionate about recognizing poly as a relationship choice and sharing common experiences on our many different paths. We hope you’ll join us and share yours!

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